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Need training? Let Sue and Aimee show you the ropes!

Training Sessions

The Underground Texas Grotto runs a training program which starts at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. You do not need to be a student to participate. Just come to a grotto meeting and sign up for a beginner cave trip or vertical training session to learn rappelling and rope climbing. Upcoming training events are listed on the Caving Calendar.

The program includes a thorough introduction to both equipment and techniques to make you a safe and competent caver. The club will provide basic gear for you to use, like a helmet. If you like caving you will want to buy your own later on. 

Bring clothing that you can get muddy in, gloves and knee pads if you have them, and A CHANGE of CLOTHES (unless you don't like the upholstery in your car).

Also bring an inexpensive headlamp like the "Night Blaster" from Wal-Mart ($7.50). Grotto trips are free of charge, though you may be expected to share in travel expenses if the trip is not local.

You will also be introduced to the philosophy of caving including how to move through a cave, underground safety, conservation, courtesy, and land-owner relations. Advanced techniques you will learn later on include cave mapping, geology, hydrology, biology, and photography.

Beginner Trips

Trips to caves in the Austin area that are of an appropriate skill level for a beginning caver. New cavers get practical experience in how to move in a cave, caving equipment and how to use it, and safe caving techniques. These are low pressure excursions with controlled circumstances and experienced guides so that cave-curious people can see if they like it underground. Helmets are provided. Bring at least one quart of water, a durable knapsack or fanny pack, snack food, at least one headlamp (with extra batteries), and cheap knee pads. Approximately 3 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note:

You are responsible to bring appropriate equipment. If you do not, you will be turned away.

Trip announcements

Beginner trips are always announced on the Caving Calendar. We also offer a mailing list for trip announcements.

Vertical training

The information on vertical trainings currently lives on the Vertical Training page.