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Vertical Training

The UT Grotto offers a number of vertical training classes. Check the Caving Calendar for dates and locations.

In case of questions or to register for the 201/205 classes, email David at <vertical @ utgrotto.org>.

Vertical 101/301 - Tree Practice

New cavers interested in vertical rope techniques meet at one of several Austin locations to learn about rappelling and ascending using Single Rope Technique (SRT) methods. Includes hands on (and harness on) experience donning and using caving harnesses and rappelling and ascending gear in a controlled environment. Cavers with vertical experience learn intermediate techniques such as crossing rebelays and knots, negotiating redirects and dealing with other navigational challenges.

Typically on the second Monday of the month at varying locations. Practice usually starts around 7 pm.

We will practice in trees, with a rebelay course and a treadmill set up. This event is open to everybody who has been in a cave before - beginners who have never been on rope before and more experienced cavers who would like to practice their vertical technique, learn crossing rebelays, etc. Loaner gear can be provided for first-timers, and instructors will be available to help you get on rope, answer technical questions about gear, and help you improving your vertical skills.

Bring a head lamp! Clothing may get stained or ripped up a little, long pants and long sleeves are a good idea to protect against rope abrasion and mosquitoes, and closed shoes are highly recommended. You may want to bring a thin pair of gloves. Bring water and maybe a snack.

No need to register for this, just show up.

Vertical 201 - Urban Assault Wall

Cavers who have attended Vertical 101 go to the Urban Assault Wall on the Barton Creek Greenbelt to review and practice rappelling and ascending techniques under controlled - but more adventurous - conditions with the guidance of experienced trainers.

Vertical gear including UIAA helmet required - loaner gear can be arranged with notice.

Instructor permission required.

Vertical 205 - Vertical Cave

Cavers who have attended Vertical 101 go to an Austin-area vertical cave to practice what they have learned in an actual cave environment.

Vertical gear including UIAA helmet required - loaner gear can be arranged with notice.

Instructor permission required.

Note on 'Loaner' Gear

Loaner gear is not club/grotto gear - it's personal gear that belongs to the people who want to make sure you have the chance to receive training. We do lose a lot of gear doing this volunteer work. Gear looks pretty similar, so please be careful to keep track of what you borrow and give it back every time!

Training Announcements

Vertical training is always announced on the Caving Calendar. We also offer a mailing list for training announcements.

A Few Pix

Wes pulling Gary on Treadmill
Gary and Matt on rebelays
Dual redirects
Kara on rope in Goat Cave
Dropping into Midnight Cave
Dropping into Midnight Cave
Rigging Punkin
Cable Ladder up Punkin