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  Maple Run, Oct 2008 - Picture by Curtis Wood (2008)

Maple Run, Oct 2008 - Picture by Curtis Wood (2008)

Airmen's Cave Frequently Asked Questions:

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE UTGROTTO DID NOT GATE THIS CAVE. We are listed because we want to keep this cave open to recreational cavers. Without our involvement Airmen's would most likely be mostly unavailable for use.

Why is it called "Airmen's" Cave?
In March of 1971, two airmen who were stationed at Bergstrom Air Force Base discovered the cave, and began excavation in the entrance.Later that year, a captain in the Air Force, along with local cavers went back to the cave and proceeded to explore it and created a map.

Who owns Airmen's Cave?
Airmen's Cave is owned by the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department. It is monitored by the City of Austin and by the Underground Texas Grotto.

Does anything live in the cave?
Yes! Airmen's Cave is home to a number of creatures, including raccoons, tri-colored bats, cave crickets, spiders, millipedes, and scorpions.

Why is the cave gated?
For a long time the cave remained open and available for exploration by any who dared. Unfortunately, there have been multiple rescues of people who had gotten lost, and a very apparent rise of the cave being used for illegal substance abuse. In response, those in charge made the decision to close the cave to the public in hopes of preserving the cave's ecological influence, and as a safety precaution for those who would mistreat themselves or the cave.

I've been there before, how do I get access again?
The cave will be open and available to the public on certain dates. Please contact the cave manager at

I've never visited Airmen's Cave/I've never been caving before, but I've always wanted to. How do I do that?
Visit the schedule page at Beginner training trips are listed on the calendar. Please contact the beginner trip coordinator at for more information.

My question isn't listed here, how do I get more information?
You may contact the cave manager at